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Transitions, transitions, transitions….

Transitions, transitions, transitions…

Transitions are difficult! Let’s face it, they are outright tough! Do you know what’s even more difficult? The feeling of being stagnant and stuck or unproductive in life, relationships, or a career. There’s nothing more unsavory than knowing deep down inside that you were called to do something different, but for the sake of comfortability or to satisfy the script others have for your life, you stand STILL.

Tick, tock, tick, tock…. Do you hear that sound of time passing by? Imagine looking back on the last days of your life and knowing that you could have unpackaged the gifts inside of you that could have changed the destiny of those around you, like your children, your spouse, your friends. Perhaps, someone you never had the chance to meet had a date on your destiny calendar that never came to pass because you were [sigh]comfortable.

Fear of the unknown has gripped many of us so tightly that we refuse to let our minds take us to the place of…DESTINY. We fear failure, rejection, scrutiny! We’ve become people pleasers and slaves to our own negative thinking. Sometimes, our biggest foe is our own thoughts. Here’s some hard truth…we very well may fail. We most certainly may get rejected, and someone, somewhere is going to study what we’re doing with critical eyes. Knowing these truths and pushing past these fears will set you FREE. Let the momentum of “what could have” move you today. Take that first step towards unleashing that thing that’s burning in your belly. You’ve tried to lay it aside, but it just won’t go away. Maybe you dream about it. Maybe there have been signs and wonders. Now is the time to move forward. Tomorrow is not promised to you and someone needs what has been placed inside of you to AFFECT your family, your community and this world.

Get unstuck today!

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