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You're Touching My Hair! The Art of the Consult!

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

On the surface, we're taught that "HAIR is HAIR" and that hair is a protein that just comes out of your scalp. However, the moment you decide that you are not going to limit yourself to one ethnicity, you quickly learn that hair varies tremendously from one ethnicity to another and, even from person to person in the same families. Conducting a 5C Consultation is first step your stylist takes in providing the best hair care experience and products to meet your needs.

Hair Typing, Why We Do It?

I love hair!! All kinds! Coiled, straight, stringed…I love it! However, your hair may not LOVE every product! There are 5 basic characteristics I look at to determine which products work best on your hair and if your hair can handle or needs a specific service or treatment. They include:

  • Curl Pattern-How much curl each strand has, i.e. STRAIGHT, WAVY, CURL/COIL, ZIGZAG

  • Texture-Thickness of each hair strand, i.e. FINE, MEDIUM, COARSE

  • Porosity-Flatness of the cuticles on each strand, i.e., cuticles lay flat and repel water with low porosity vs. cuticles do not lay flat and takes a long time to dry with high porosity

  • Density-Number of hairs on your head

  • HealthState of each strand and scalp

So, without a GREAT consultation, you may not have a GREAT salon experience!!

To find out what questions I ask during my New - Client 5C Consultation: Improving Your Experience, check out my survey here at:

Here's to GREAT HAIR! KEEP CALM and BOOK ME! Call me at (734) 237-6770 or visit .

Chandra Nicole

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